Try Something New!

Try Something New
Doing the same workout over and over is tedious for the brain and bad for the body.

When I get myself to the gym, I often see the same people on cardio machines for minutes, even hours on end. Spending that much time on the treadmill every week may burn calories and fat (and can get you caught up with your reading), but does little for building muscle and long term fitness goals. It can also get quite boring, making you lose interest in your fitness routine. Continuously doing the same workout will actually result in a plateau in weight loss and muscle growth. If you haven’t seen a change on the scale or in your body for awhile, it may be time to add a new workout.

Summertime is the perfect time for trying new fitness routines or equipment. Get outside for a mud run, ride bikes at the beach, or swimming at the local pool are great ways to shake things up in your training routine, and can build muscles you may have been neglecting.

I’m typically a gym rat and pole fitness gal. But, I’ve recently become addicted to TRX – a suspension training system, seen below.

My home gym has been recently updated (and quite beautifully I might add!) and has added a TRX training system, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see new equipment. TRX uses your own body weight for all sorts of exercises, combining strength and stability. Adding this variation to my workouts has made a tremendous impact on my strength and endurance, and is great for those who do body weight sports (ie: pole fitness).

Not interested in a traditional workout? Try a new class instead. Zumba, Pole Dancing, Hooping, Aerial, Trapeze & CrossFit are all popular for those ready try something that’s not so traditional.

What I love about classes instead of a traditional gym is the sense of community they build. Personally, I head to the gym when I need an hour alone with my ipod. But, when I’m feeling the need for a push from my peers and encouragement to try a new crazy pole trick, I head to class. If you live in the LA area, head to Luscious Maven for Pole Fitness and try a class with me! I teach all levels!

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