Summertime Blues

We are deep in the throes of summer. The lack of structure and predictable schedule is throwing everyone in the house off. Even the dog. The kids are home almost everyday, or I’m racing to drop off/pick up for soccer camps and playdates. Trying to keep a normal workout schedule has been almost impossible.  Normally, I really like to change things up. I’ll try different strength or stability exercises at the gym, take a different kind of class, or set a big goal (half marathon anyone?). My body loves the challenges and my so easily bored mind loves the changes. But summer basically means stay at home mom time for me. I train clients early in the AM, evenings and weekends – all times the hubby is home.  And if I’m lucky enough to be feeding my creative side by auditioning or working on set, a sitter helps out. Otherwise, I’m entertaining the kids on these 90+ degree days.

So to give my brain a break – I stick to what I know really well and look at summer as a maintenance time instead of a building time for my body. I can’t give up working out all together, 1- You would probably find me in a straight jacket by September and 2- I run a fitness business. Staying in shape is kind of important for both my psyche and my bank account. So I do what’s easy for me, and can be done fast.

Here’s 3 things that I’m doing to stay in shape in between visits to the pool and froyo runs:

1- POLE! I love poling. It brings me joy, gives me a great workout, and I get some much-needed girlfriend time with people I love to be around. Big bang for the hour and half I leave the hubby with the kids. I’m physically renewed and joyful from the laughs and bonding. I’ve also found a great Instagram challenge for the month of July – forcing me to train on the pole every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes.  I even get the kids involved sometimes.


2- BOSU! I love the Bosu stability trainer.  You can nail a full body workout with a Bosu in about 30 minutes. I have one at home, but even at the gym I use it weekly. I love the quick fix I get with just a few exercises. Here’s a little video with 3 great full body moves.

3 – YOGA! Taking a class forces me to work out and have absolute quiet for at least an hour. The crazy days of summer, late nights and kids fighting over the iPad take a toll on this mom. Yoga restores me. At least that’s how I feel afterwards. During the actual yoga class I’m cursing myself and silently screaming from the inside “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!??!?! RUN! RUN! LEAVE THIS CLASS!!!!” But then by the last ten minutes when we can lay still and almost fall asleep, I’m a much happier human. And a much better mom. I’m also doing a #backtobackbends yoga challenge on Instagram this month to keep me motivated. Public accountability is a good thing for those of us fitness obsessed.

IMG_1698So these are the things I’m doing to stay fit this summer, at least when I’m not eating ice cream with the kids and drinking margaritas with the hubby. How do you stay focused on fitness in the summer?

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Planking with a Twist

Here’s one of my favorite planks that targets the obliques, shoulders and even legs if you’re doing it right. The side plank – an awesome all over exercise. And you can progress it by adding a twist.

  • Get into a side plank by stacking one foot on top of the other
  • Press your weight into your feet while lifting your hips off the floor
  • Your body should be in a straight line from head to ankles
  • Shoulder and elbow stacked on top of each other and forearm in a 90 degree angle
  • For a basic side plank, just reach your arm up to the sky and hold for 30 sec
  • To progress, add a twist as you angle your torso towards the ground
  • As always, keep your abs engaged, hips tucked under by drawing in your navel
  • You should feel the burn in your obliques and abs quickly
  • For an even greater challenge, try adding a 2-5 lb. weight

* Please keep in mind these videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting any exercise routine.

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Try Something New!

Try Something New
Doing the same workout over and over is tedious for the brain and bad for the body.

When I get myself to the gym, I often see the same people on cardio machines for minutes, even hours on end. Spending that much time on the treadmill every week may burn calories and fat (and can get you caught up with your reading), but does little for building muscle and long term fitness goals. It can also get quite boring, making you lose interest in your fitness routine. Continuously doing the same workout will actually result in a plateau in weight loss and muscle growth. If you haven’t seen a change on the scale or in your body for awhile, it may be time to add a new workout.

Summertime is the perfect time for trying new fitness routines or equipment. Get outside for a mud run, ride bikes at the beach, or swimming at the local pool are great ways to shake things up in your training routine, and can build muscles you may have been neglecting.

I’m typically a gym rat and pole fitness gal. But, I’ve recently become addicted to TRX – a suspension training system, seen below.

My home gym has been recently updated (and quite beautifully I might add!) and has added a TRX training system, I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see new equipment. TRX uses your own body weight for all sorts of exercises, combining strength and stability. Adding this variation to my workouts has made a tremendous impact on my strength and endurance, and is great for those who do body weight sports (ie: pole fitness).

Not interested in a traditional workout? Try a new class instead. Zumba, Pole Dancing, Hooping, Aerial, Trapeze & CrossFit are all popular for those ready try something that’s not so traditional.

What I love about classes instead of a traditional gym is the sense of community they build. Personally, I head to the gym when I need an hour alone with my ipod. But, when I’m feeling the need for a push from my peers and encouragement to try a new crazy pole trick, I head to class. If you live in the LA area, head to Luscious Maven for Pole Fitness and try a class with me! I teach all levels!

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